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Product Videos Index

Erica's Craft & Sewing Center has product videos for a growing number of products so you can see how an item works, or how to use it.

  • Demonstrations of how to use:
    • Creative Grids® 3 1/2" x 12 1/2" Quick Trim & Circle Ruler (A13002)
    • Creative Grids® Log Cabin Trim Tool (A16764 & A19020)
    • Creative Grids® Non-Slip Stripology Ruler (A27957)
    • Creative Grids® Quick Trim & Circle Ruler XL (A29387)
    • Creative Grids® Rectangle Rulers
    • Creative Grids® Square Rulers
    • Creative Grids® Straight Out of Line (59648)
    • Quilter's Slidelock (A26607, A26608, A20397, A20399, A31912)
    • Quilter's Slidelock Dragonskin Resize-It Template Set (A37795)
  • Demonstrations of how to use:
    • Clover's Create a Pincushion (A30981)
    • Clover's Desk Needle Threader (40027)
    • Clover's Fusible Bias Tape Maker (22771, 22772)
    • Clover's Hold It Precision Stiletto (A23957)
    • Clover's Hot Hemmer (A23959)
    • Clover's Iron Finger Pressing Tool (A22615)
    • Clover's Iron Shine Cleaning Pen (A29918)
    • Clover's Point 2 Point Turner (A23956)
    • Clover's Pom-Pom Makers (19393,21299)
    • Clover's Stack 'n Store Bobbin Tower (43880)
    • Clover's Wonder Clips (A27894)
    • Clover's Yo-Yo Makers (25079,25080,31045-31047)
    • Dritz Iron-On Patches (44530)
    • Dritz Thermal Thimbles (A13069)
    • HEAT Press Batting Together (A12633)
    • Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors (A11653), (A11652)
    • Omnigrid Glow-Line Tape (A14742)
    • Quick Ripper (A16868)
  • Demonstrations of how to use:
    • Appli-Stick from Quilters Select (A32770, A32772, A32774)
    • Appli-Web from Quilters Select (A32775, A32780)
    • Appli-Web Plus from Quilters Select (A32771, A32773, A32781)
    • Fabric Glue Stick from Quilters Select (A32795)
    • Rotary Cutter from Quilters Select (A33918)
    • Quilt As You Go from June Tailor (A31325 - A31328)
    • Print & Piece from Quilters Select (A32769)
    • Print & Piece Fuse Lite from Quilters Select (A32777)
    • Select Cutaway from Quilters Select (A32778)
    • Select Rotary Cutting Mat from Quilters Select (A33330,A33754)
    • Select Ruler from Quilters Select (A33329, A33690, A33753)
    • Select Tearaway from Quilters Select (A32779)
    • Soft Wool Batting from Quilters Select (A32788)
    • The Navigator 6 from Bloc-Loc (A33857)