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Orders over $49.00 get free U.S. shipping
or 1/2 price International shipping.

Pre-order items can be included in your order, but regular shipping and handling will apply to the pre-order items when they're shipped.

US Customers, we'll pay the regular shipping and handling for First Class Mail, Priority Mail or UPS Ground, whichever is least expensive. The prices you see for faster/more expensive shipping options were already reduced by value of the least expensive shipping method.

International Customers, we'll pay 1/2 the regular shipping and handling for First Class Mail International or Priority Mail International, whichever is least expensive. The prices you see for faster/more expensive shipping options were already reduced by 1/2 the least expensive shipping method.

We will accept payment for your order using any of the methods described in detail below, but please note the following exceptions:

  • We CANNOT accept money transfers of any kind
  • For payments orginating outside the US, only credit cards are accepted
  • Only credit cards are accepted for items delivered electronically

How To Place Your Order:

  • Place orders early for holiday gift giving.
  • Email
    • You can Contact Us
    • While we will happily correspond with you via Email about your order, we ask that you never include credit card numbers in an Email message. Email is only truly secure when both the sender and recipient are using an agreed upon encryption scheme
  • Telephone
    • Local callers please dial 574-233-3112 during business hours
    • US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, Mexico and Virgin Islands dial 8888-ERICAS (888-837-4227)
    • Outside the US, dial any necessary codes, then 574-233-3112
  • Postal Mail
    • Be sure to include credit card number, expiration date, and your name as it appears on the card
    • Please mail your order to
      Order Administration
      Erica's Craft & Sewing Center
      1320 N Ironwood Dr
      South Bend IN 46615

Fax, Phone, Mail - Be sure your order includes:

  • Name
  • Credit Card Billing Address
    • Complete address that credit card statement comes to
  • Shipping Address (when not the same as billing address)
    • Street Address or PO Box for items to be shipped via postal mail to US destinations, and to most other countries
    • Street Address for items to be shipped other than by mail to US and foreign destinations
  • City, State and Zip for US destinations, City, State/Province, Postal Code, etc. and Country for non-US destinations
  • Telephone Number, including Area Code, and Country Code if needed
  • Email Address
  • Items you'd like to order, including item number and price
  • Any special shipping instructions you'd like us to follow
  • Payment Method
    Image - Credit Card Logos
    • We accept Debit Cards that display the Visa or MasterCard logo and we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, and American Express credit cards.

Shipping & Handling Charges US and International:

  • We work hard to keep shipping and handling costs down; we do not arbitrarily inflate charges; we have no minimum order quantity or $ amount unless noted otherwise on the item's page or in a shopping cart message. Shipping and Handling charges are directly related to what it costs to get what you ordered to where you are.
  • When all of the items you order are not available, we will Email asking how you'd like your order handled:
    • Hold the order until all items can be shipped
    • Ship available items, back order the rest
      • Ship back order items as they become available
      • Hold back order items until all can be shipped
    • Ship available items, cancel the rest
  • Back Orders
    • When the items you ordered total $49 or more and are being shipped to a US address: When all of the items you order aren't available, we may send everything available and/or Email asking you what you'd like to do. We'll keep track of the back ordered items and send them in one additional shipment. We'll cover the shipping charges for this second shipment.
    • When the items you ordered total $49 or less or your order is being delivered to an International address: When all of the items you order aren't available, we Email asking you what you'd like to do. We're happy to keep and track back orders for our customers. Please understand that since our shipping and handling charges are directly tied to the actual cost, that actual shipping charges are added for each back order shipment too.

Sales Tax:

  • State Sales Tax will be added to all orders billed or shipped to Indiana addresses


  • We reserve the right to correct prices and other errors on our web site. If the price you saw displayed with the item is different than the price that appears on your order, one of them is wrong. You might also encounter a situation where an item other than what you are trying to order appears on your order. If you Contact Us with the item number(s), we'll get back to you, telling you which price is correct, and we'll correct the web page.
  • If next to the item number you see "Error - Item Not Found" instead of a price, you won't be able to order that item. The error message only indicates that the price couldn't be looked up in the database, not that the item isn't available. Please Contact Us. We'll get back to you about the item, and fix the web page.
  • $20 returned check fee if your check is not honored by your bank the first time it is presented.
  • Some of what we said above may be overridden by text on an item page or a shopping cart message. Here are just a few examples:
    • When you order other items on your order for this pre-order item, we'll back order the pre-order item and ship the rest of your order. We'll send the pre-order item when we receive it. Additional shipping and handling charges will apply, but we'll ship the least expensive way.
    • 1/4 yard minimum for each fabric