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Mettler Silk Finish Threads
50 Weight/164 Yard Spool

Click here for Large Silk Finish Thread Spools (547 yds)

Mettler Silk-Finish is particularly suitable for pure cotton fabrics.

Outstanding features:

  • top quality sewing thread
  • made of 100% long staple and mercerized cotton
  • soft and lustrous
  • low shrinkage and safe to iron
  • colorfast and fade resistant
  • easy to sew by hand or machine

Click here for a .pdf color chart from Mettler.
To best view the thread colors you should set your computer to 24 bit color.

Simply place the quantity you'd like to order in the box beside Our item number. At the bottom of the table, click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button to move the selected quantities and colors to your shopping cart.

              Our #  Old Color#New Color#Price
  14857Mettler Silk Finish5570016$3.10
  14836Mettler Silk Finish6680018$3.10
  14838Mettler Silk Finish6690020$3.10
  14871Mettler Silk Finish5650024$3.10
  14767Mettler Silk Finish5770029$3.10
  14764Mettler Silk Finish6730030$3.10
  A28832Mettler Silk FinishN/A0035$3.10
  A28833Mettler Silk FinishN/A0038$3.10
  14837Mettler Silk Finish7490039$3.10
  14841Mettler Silk Finish7360042$3.10
  14766Mettler Silk Finish5810046$3.10
  14768Mettler Silk Finish6490052$3.10
  A28834Mettler Silk FinishN/A0055$3.10
  14734Mettler Silk Finish8050067$3.10
  14729Mettler Silk Finish6460075$3.10
  A28835Mettler Silk FinishN/A0076$3.10
  14731Mettler Silk Finish6470085$3.10
  14814Mettler Silk Finish9000092$3.10
  14741Mettler Silk Finish8370102$3.10
  14776Mettler Silk Finish6010105$3.10
  14778Mettler Silk Finish7380109$3.10
  14779Mettler Silk Finish7710111$3.10
  14703Mettler Silk Finish9220114$3.10
  A28836Mettler Silk FinishN/A0115$3.10
  14705Mettler Silk Finish8270117$3.10
  14707Mettler Silk Finish5000120$3.10
  14747Mettler Silk Finish8290122$3.10
  A28837Mettler Silk FinishN/A0130$3.10
  14702Mettler Silk Finish9610140$3.10
  14771Mettler Silk Finish9580157$3.10
  14749Mettler Silk Finish5050161$3.10
  A28831Mettler Silk FinishN/A0163$3.10
  14722Mettler Silk Finish5280173$3.10
  14817Mettler Silk Finish8470214$3.10
  14810Mettler Silk Finish5440220$3.10
  14823Mettler Silk Finish5530222$3.10
  14819Mettler Silk Finish8480224$3.10
  14864Mettler Silk Finish9050229$3.10
  A28838Mettler Silk FinishN/A0230$3.10
  14820Mettler Silk Finish7800247$3.10
  14713Mettler Silk Finish5150260$3.10
  14718Mettler Silk Finish8300261$3.10
  14723Mettler Silk Finish8390262$3.10
  14724Mettler Silk Finish7110263$3.10
  A28839Mettler Silk FinishN/A0264$3.10
  14714Mettler Silk Finish5130265$3.10
  14697Mettler Silk Finish7830267$3.10
  14699Mettler Silk Finish6980269$3.10
  A28840Mettler Silk FinishN/A0272$3.10
  14687Mettler Silk Finish5250280$3.10
  14688Mettler Silk Finish5110281$3.10
  A28841Mettler Silk FinishN/A0284$3.10
  14712Mettler Silk Finish5140285$3.10
  14716Mettler Silk Finish6140287$3.10
  A28842Mettler Silk FinishN/A0300$3.10
  14845Mettler Silk Finish6840311$3.10
  14830Mettler Silk Finish8520314$3.10
  14760Mettler Silk Finish5730319$3.10
  14755Mettler Silk Finish6240322$3.10
  A28843Mettler Silk FinishN/A0326$3.10
  14759Mettler Silk Finish8130331$3.10
  14868Mettler Silk Finish9010338$3.10
  14867Mettler Silk Finish8920339$3.10
  14782Mettler Silk Finish7240342$3.10
  14789Mettler Silk Finish7580348$3.10
  14843Mettler Silk Finish6720350$3.10
  14844Mettler Silk Finish7890351$3.10
  14833Mettler Silk Finish6900359$3.10
  A28844Mettler Silk FinishN/A0363$3.10
  14694Mettler Silk Finish8200372$3.10
  14696Mettler Silk Finish7050379$3.10
  14698Mettler Silk Finish5210380$3.10
  14802Mettler Silk Finish8240381$3.10
  14689Mettler Silk Finish8230396$3.10
  14784Mettler Silk Finish8710404$3.10
  A28845Mettler Silk FinishN/A0406$3.10
  14757Mettler Silk Finish7250412$3.10
  14756Mettler Silk Finish6930413$3.10
  14786Mettler Silk Finish6230415$3.10
  14788Mettler Silk Finish6420416$3.10
  14804Mettler Silk Finish7850420$3.10
  A28846Mettler Silk FinishN/A0431$3.10
  14745Mettler Silk Finish5940450$3.10
  14781Mettler Silk Finish5820481$3.10
  14831Mettler Silk Finish8780483$3.10
  A28847Mettler Silk FinishN/A0485$3.10
  14738Mettler Silk Finish8210501$3.10
  14742Mettler Silk Finish6000504$3.10
  14743Mettler Silk Finish7390510$3.10
  A28848Mettler Silk FinishN/A0511$3.10
  14684Mettler Silk Finish7810537$3.10
  14685Mettler Silk Finish8440538$3.10
  14807Mettler Silk Finish8940554$3.10
  14762Mettler Silk Finish9150572$3.10
  A28849Mettler Silk FinishN/A0575$3.10
  A28850Mettler Silk FinishN/A0580$3.10
  14730Mettler Silk Finish6450600$3.10
  A28851Mettler Silk FinishN/A0608$3.10
  14829Mettler Silk Finish8150611$3.10
  14774Mettler Silk Finish7690628$3.10
  14740Mettler Silk Finish7700629$3.10
  14728Mettler Silk Finish6480637$3.10
  A28852Mettler Silk FinishN/A0638$3.10
  14798Mettler Silk Finish5390646$3.10
  14799Mettler Silk Finish8640655$3.10
  A28853Mettler Silk FinishN/A0660$3.10
  14803Mettler Silk Finish7170667$3.10
  14850Mettler Silk Finish8850697$3.10
  A28854Mettler Silk FinishN/A0719$3.10
  14865Mettler Silk Finish5630722$3.10
  14800Mettler Silk Finish7150731$3.10
  14821Mettler Silk Finish8500757$3.10
  14835Mettler Silk Finish5430759$3.10
  14832Mettler Silk Finish8250761$3.10
  14683Mettler Silk Finish8100778$3.10
  A28855Mettler Silk FinishN/A0779$3.10
  14744Mettler Silk Finish9130790$3.10
  14780Mettler Silk Finish6070793$3.10
  14859Mettler Silk Finish7930805$3.10
  14870Mettler Silk Finish9200807$3.10
  14852Mettler Silk Finish7900815$3.10
  14853Mettler Silk Finish7340816$3.10
  A28856Mettler Silk FinishN/A0818$3.10
  14861Mettler Silk Finish5580821$3.10
  14855Mettler Silk Finish9570823$3.10
  14858Mettler Silk Finish9160825$3.10
  14860Mettler Silk Finish7920827$3.10
  A28857Mettler Silk FinishN/A0828$3.10
  14725Mettler Silk Finish6150832$3.10
  14815Mettler Silk Finish5460840$3.10
  14797Mettler Silk Finish5400844$3.10
  14808Mettler Silk Finish8910846$3.10
  14792Mettler Silk Finish6810852$3.10
  14793Mettler Silk Finish8770853$3.10
  14710Mettler Silk Finish5200857$3.10
  14735Mettler Silk Finish9230867$3.10
  14775Mettler Silk Finish6030869$3.10
  14785Mettler Silk Finish7510878$3.10
  14813Mettler Silk Finish5470882$3.10
  14806Mettler Silk Finish5420886$3.10
  A28858Mettler Silk FinishN/A0891$3.10
  14708Mettler Silk Finish7670892$3.10
  14720Mettler Silk Finish6580899$3.10
  14721Mettler Silk Finish6670900$3.10
  14795Mettler Silk Finish7470905$3.10
  14825Mettler Silk Finish5480907$3.10
  14777Mettler Silk Finish6020918$3.10
  14862Mettler Silk Finish5590954$3.10
  14869Mettler Silk Finish8830999$3.10
  14680Mettler Silk Finish0011000$3.10
  14690Mettler Silk Finish7451002$3.10
  14801Mettler Silk Finish7061043$3.10
  A28859Mettler Silk FinishN/A1056$3.10
  14733Mettler Silk Finish8031057$3.10
  14770Mettler Silk Finish6111061$3.10
  A28860Mettler Silk FinishN/A1062$3.10
  14732Mettler Silk Finish6081063$3.10
  14751Mettler Silk Finish5921073$3.10
  14754Mettler Silk Finish5341074$3.10
  A28861Mettler Silk FinishN/A1078$3.10
  14763Mettler Silk Finish5741079$3.10
  14840Mettler Silk Finish9621081$3.10
  A28862Mettler Silk FinishN/A1085$3.10
  14863Mettler Silk Finish5611090$3.10
  14826Mettler Silk Finish5541091$3.10
  14809Mettler Silk Finish5361095$3.10
  14794Mettler Silk Finish7141097$3.10
  14818Mettler Silk Finish8951099$3.10
  14709Mettler Silk Finish7191102$3.10
  A28830Mettler Silk FinishN/A1105$3.10
  A28863Mettler Silk FinishN/A1118$3.10
  14719Mettler Silk Finish5171130$3.10
  A28864Mettler Silk FinishN/A1147$3.10
  14812Mettler Silk Finish9031148$3.10
  14711Mettler Silk Finish5161160$3.10
  14748Mettler Silk Finish9141171$3.10
  14750Mettler Silk Finish5071172$3.10
  A28865Mettler Silk FinishN/A1182$3.10
  14805Mettler Silk Finish6781210$3.10
  A28866Mettler Silk FinishN/A1212$3.10
  A28867Mettler Silk FinishN/A1214$3.10
  14695Mettler Silk Finish6921222$3.10
  14700Mettler Silk Finish8321223$3.10
  14693Mettler Silk Finish6201227$3.10
  14692Mettler Silk Finish6211228$3.10
  14846Mettler Silk Finish6881243$3.10
  A28868Mettler Silk FinishN/A1275$3.10
  14847Mettler Silk Finish9071276$3.10
  14791Mettler Silk Finish7001282$3.10
  14790Mettler Silk Finish7591283$3.10
  14753Mettler Silk Finish8221288$3.10
  14851Mettler Silk Finish5561303$3.10
  14854Mettler Silk Finish6751304$3.10
  14765Mettler Silk Finish8331305$3.10
  14849Mettler Silk Finish8811306$3.10
  A28869Mettler Silk FinishN/A1311$3.10
  14796Mettler Silk Finish5491314$3.10
  14848Mettler Silk Finish5691316$3.10
  14752Mettler Silk Finish9021334$3.10
  14839Mettler Silk Finish7871340$3.10
  14842Mettler Silk Finish7881342$3.10
  14811Mettler Silk Finish8931343$3.10
  A28870Mettler Silk FinishN/A1347$3.10
  A28871Mettler Silk FinishN/A1348$3.10
  14783Mettler Silk Finish7501358$3.10
  14787Mettler Silk Finish8571360$3.10
  14856Mettler Silk Finish5701365$3.10
  14761Mettler Silk Finish5751373$3.10
  14691Mettler Silk Finish5241380$3.10
  14727Mettler Silk Finish6181382$3.10
  A28872Mettler Silk FinishN/A1384$3.10
  14737Mettler Silk Finish9211391$3.10
  14739Mettler Silk Finish8351392$3.10
  14866Mettler Silk Finish8141394$3.10
  14746Mettler Silk Finish9531401$3.10
  14736Mettler Silk Finish8061402$3.10
  14701Mettler Silk Finish5021412$3.10
  14772Mettler Silk Finish9591417$3.10
  14773Mettler Silk Finish9601421$3.10
  A28873Mettler Silk FinishN/A1423$3.10
  14717Mettler Silk Finish7321425$3.10
  14828Mettler Silk Finish8901440$3.10
  A28874Mettler Silk FinishN/A1461$3.10
  A28875Mettler Silk FinishN/A1464$3.10
  A28876Mettler Silk FinishN/A1466$3.10
  A28877Mettler Silk FinishN/A1472$3.10
  A28878Mettler Silk FinishN/A1522$3.10
  A28879Mettler Silk FinishN/A1523$3.10
  A28880Mettler Silk FinishN/A1525$3.10
  A28881Mettler Silk FinishN/A1527$3.10
  A28882Mettler Silk FinishN/A1528$3.10
  A28883Mettler Silk FinishN/A1531$3.10
  A28884Mettler Silk FinishN/A1532$3.10
  A28885Mettler Silk FinishN/A1533$3.10
  14678Mettler Silk Finish0022000$3.10
  A28886Mettler Silk FinishN/A2049$3.10
  A28887Mettler Silk FinishN/A2103$3.10
  A28888Mettler Silk FinishN/A2263$3.10
  14706Mettler Silk Finish8282522$3.10
  A28889Mettler Silk FinishN/A2791$3.10
  14827Mettler Silk Finish8892792$3.10
  14834Mettler Silk Finish5512793$3.10
  14681Mettler Silk Finish8873000$3.10
  14704Mettler Silk Finish5013507$3.10
  14715Mettler Silk Finish5183514$3.10
  14758Mettler Silk Finish7133559$3.10
  14686Mettler Silk Finish7313566$3.10
  14682Mettler Silk Finish7033612$3.10
  14679Mettler Silk Finish0034000$3.10
  A28890Mettler Silk FinishN/A6255$3.10

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