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Mettler Silk Finish Threads
50 Weight/547 Yard Spool

Click here for Small Silk Finish Thread Spools (164 yds)

Mettler Silk-Finish is particularly suitable for pure cotton fabrics.

Outstanding features:

  • top quality sewing thread
  • made of 100% long staple and mercerized cotton
  • soft and lustrous
  • low shrinkage and safe to iron
  • colorfast and fade resistant
  • easy to sew by hand or machine

Click here for a .pdf color chart from Mettler.
To best view the thread colors you should set your computer to 24 bit color.

547 Yard Spool $7.10 each.

Simply place the quantity you'd like to order in the box beside the item number. At the bottom of the table, click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button to move the selected quantities and colors to your shopping cart.

              Our #  Old Color#New Color#Price
  A28707Mettler Silk FinishN/A0029$7.10
  A28711Mettler Silk FinishN/A0030$7.10
  A28718Mettler Silk FinishN/A0039$7.10
  A28720Mettler Silk FinishN/A0067$7.10
  17220Mettler Silk Finish9000092$7.10
  A28723Mettler Silk Finish8370102$7.10
  A28708Mettler Silk FinishN/A0105$7.10
  14885Mettler Silk Finish7710111$7.10
  14883Mettler Silk Finish5000120$7.10
  17208Mettler Silk Finish8290122$7.10
  A28703Mettler Silk FinishN/A0173$7.10
  17213Mettler Silk Finish8480224$7.10
  14881Mettler Silk Finish5150260$7.10
  17157Mettler Silk Finish5130265$7.10
  14877Mettler Silk Finish5250280$7.10
  17156Mettler Silk Finish5110281$7.10
  14898Mettler Silk Finish6840311$7.10
  17214Mettler Silk Finish8520314$7.10
  A28706Mettler Silk FinishN/A0319$7.10
  14894Mettler Silk Finish6240322$7.10
  14895Mettler Silk Finish8130331$7.10
  A28710Mettler Silk FinishN/A0350$7.10
  14897Mettler Silk Finish7890351$7.10
  17207Mettler Silk Finish8240381$7.10
  A28713Mettler Silk FinishN/A0413$7.10
  14893Mettler Silk Finish6230415$7.10
  14892Mettler Silk Finish6420416$7.10
  14887Mettler Silk Finish5940450$7.10
  14886Mettler Silk Finish6000504$7.10
  A28719Mettler Silk FinishN/A0537$7.10
  14876Mettler Silk Finish8440538$7.10
  A28728Mettler Silk FinishN/A0572$7.10
  14891Mettler Silk Finish8640655$7.10
  14889Mettler Silk Finish7150731$7.10
  14890Mettler Silk Finish8500757$7.10
  A28721Mettler Silk FinishN/A0778$7.10
  17227Mettler Silk Finish9160825$7.10
  14901Mettler Silk Finish7920827$7.10
  A28704Mettler Silk FinishN/A0840$7.10
  A28498Mettler Silk Finish8910846$7.10
  A28498Mettler Silk FinishN/A0846$7.10
  A28702Mettler Silk FinishN/A0857$7.10
  17162Mettler Silk Finish5420886$7.10
  A28709Mettler Silk FinishN/A0918$7.10
  17174Mettler Silk Finish5590954$7.10
  14874Mettler Silk Finish0011000$7.10
  17195Mettler Silk Finish7451002$7.10
  A28715Mettler Silk FinishN/A1043$7.10
  14884Mettler Silk Finish8031057$7.10
  17180Mettler Silk Finish6081063$7.10
  14896Mettler Silk Finish9621081$7.10
  14888Mettler Silk Finish5361095$7.10
  A28727Mettler Silk FinishN/A1099$7.10
  A28714Mettler Silk FinishN/A1282$7.10
  14899Mettler Silk Finish6751304$7.10
  17218Mettler Silk Finish8931343$7.10
  14900Mettler Silk Finish5701365$7.10
  14878Mettler Silk Finish5241380$7.10
  14879Mettler Silk Finish6181382$7.10
  14882Mettler Silk Finish5021412$7.10
  14872Mettler Silk Finish0022000$7.10
  14875Mettler Silk Finish7033612$7.10
  14873Mettler Silk Finish0034000$7.10

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