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Mettler Poly Sheen Embroidery Thread

Poly Sheen Embroidery Thread (220 yards)
Isacord (1000 Meter)

Simply place the quantity you'd like to order in the box beside the item number. At the bottom of the table, click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button to move the selected quantities and colors to your shopping cart.

Color Note: The thread color samples shown below are approximate. To best view the thread colors you should set your computer to 24 bit color.

875 yard spool

  11041approximate thread color0015 White$4.80
  11022approximate thread color0020 Black$4.80
  11091approximate thread color0112 Leadville$4.80
  11030approximate thread color0142 Sterling$4.80
  11012approximate thread color0250 Lemon Frost$4.80
  11017approximate thread color0630 Buttercup$4.80
  11057approximate thread color0670 Cream$4.80
  11026approximate thread color0761 Oat$4.80
  11025approximate thread color0800 Golden Rod$4.80
  11073approximate thread color0853 Pecan$4.80
  11018approximate thread color0870 Muslin$4.80
  11033approximate thread color0932 Nutmeg$4.80
  11013approximate thread color1055 Bark$4.80
  11055approximate thread color1060 Shrimp Pink$4.80
  11062approximate thread color1102 Pumpkin$4.80
  11088approximate thread color1140 Meringue$4.80
  11094approximate thread color1172 Ivory$4.80
  11039approximate thread color1304 Red Pepper$4.80
  11023approximate thread color1342 Rust$4.80
  11015approximate thread color1346 Cinnamon$4.80
  11034approximate thread color1366 Mahogany$4.80
  11089approximate thread color1532 Coral$4.80
  11086approximate thread color1703 Poppy$4.80
  11082approximate thread color1860 Shell$4.80
  11087approximate thread color1900 Geranium$4.80
  11079approximate thread color1902 Poinsettia$4.80
  11080approximate thread color1912 Winterberry$4.80
  11060approximate thread color1921 Blossom$4.80
  11084approximate thread color2113 Cranberry$4.80
  11056approximate thread color2152 Heather Pink$4.80
  11085approximate thread color2171 Blush$4.80
  11027approximate thread color2222 Burgundy$4.80
  11064approximate thread color2250 Petal Pink$4.80
  11035approximate thread color2300 Bright Ruby$4.80
  11078approximate thread color2336 Maroon$4.80
  11038approximate thread color2500 Boysenberry$4.80
  11029approximate thread color2520 Garden Rose$4.80
  11019approximate thread color2560 Azalea Pink$4.80
  11093approximate thread color2640 Frosted Plum$4.80
  11031approximate thread color2650 Impatiens$4.80
  11014approximate thread color2715 Pansy$4.80
  11072approximate thread color2810 Orchid$4.80
  11011approximate thread color3102 Provence$4.80
  11036approximate thread color3110 Dark Ink$4.80
  11037approximate thread color3323 Delft$4.80
  11021approximate thread color3355 Dark Indigo$4.80
  11067approximate thread color3444 Concord$4.80
  11028approximate thread color3544 Sapphire$4.80
  11058approximate thread color3641 Wedgewood$4.80
  11071approximate thread color3743 Harbor$4.80
  11063approximate thread color3750 Winter Frost$4.80
  11024approximate thread color3761 Winter Sky$4.80
  11020approximate thread color3901 Tropical Blue$4.80
  11070approximate thread color3910 Crystal Blue$4.80
  11010approximate thread color3951 Azure Blue$4.80
  11077approximate thread color3953 Ocean Blue$4.80
  11090approximate thread color3971 Silver$4.80
  11016approximate thread color4103 California Blue$4.80
  11069approximate thread color4174 Charcoal$4.80
  11059approximate thread color4230 Aqua$4.80
  11075approximate thread color4240 Spearmint$4.80
  11074approximate thread color4442 Deep Sea Blue$4.80
  11083approximate thread color4515 Spruce$4.80
  11065approximate thread color4531 Caribbean$4.80
  11040approximate thread color4620 Jade$4.80
  11081approximate thread color5101 Dark Jade$4.80
  11061approximate thread color5210 Trellis Green$4.80
  11068approximate thread color5326 Evergreen$4.80
  11032approximate thread color5422 Swiss Ivy$4.80
  11076approximate thread color5510 Emerald$4.80
  11066approximate thread color5531 Pear$4.80
  11092approximate thread color5650 Spring Frost$4.80

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