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Mettler Poly Sheen Embroidery Thread

Poly Sheen Embroidery Thread (875 yards)
Isacord (1000 Meter)

Simply place the quantity you'd like to order in the box beside the item number. At the bottom of the table, click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button to move the selected quantities and colors to your shopping cart.

Color Note: The thread color samples shown below are approximate. To best view the thread colors you should set your computer to 24 bit color.

220 yard spool

  11413approximate thread color0010 Silky White$2.90
  11412approximate thread color0015 White$2.90
  11468approximate thread color0020 Black$2.90
  11447approximate thread color0101 Eggshell$2.90
  11419approximate thread color0108 Cobblestone$2.90
  11532approximate thread color0111 Whale$2.90
  11694approximate thread color0112 Leadville$2.90
  11571approximate thread color0124 Fieldstone$2.90
  11649approximate thread color0131 Smoke$2.90
  11382approximate thread color0132 Dark Pewter$2.90
  11477approximate thread color0142 Sterling$2.90
  11654approximate thread color0145 Skylight$2.90
  11635approximate thread color0150 Mystik Grey$2.90
  11648approximate thread color0151 Cloud$2.90
  11470approximate thread color0152 Dolphin$2.90
  11426approximate thread color0182 Saturn Grey$2.90
  11423approximate thread color0221 Light Brass$2.90
  11475approximate thread color0232 Seaweed$2.90
  11663approximate thread color0250 Lemon Frost$2.90
  11522approximate thread color0310 Yellow$2.90
  11617approximate thread color0311 Canary$2.90
  11563approximate thread color0345 Moss$2.90
  11425approximate thread color0352 Marsh$2.90
  11543approximate thread color0453 Army Drab$2.90
  11689approximate thread color0465 Umber$2.90
  11476approximate thread color0501 Sun$2.90
  11621approximate thread color0520 Daffodil$2.90
  11420approximate thread color0532 Champagne$2.90
  11651approximate thread color0542 Ochre$2.90
  11434approximate thread color0552 Flax$2.90
  11570approximate thread color0600 Citrus$2.90
  11445approximate thread color0630 Buttercup$2.90
  11553approximate thread color0640 Parchment$2.90
  11403approximate thread color0651 Cornsilk$2.90
  11460approximate thread color0660 Vanilla$2.90
  11527approximate thread color0670 Cream$2.90
  11424approximate thread color0672 Baguette$2.90
  11439approximate thread color0700 Bright Yellow$2.90
  11368approximate thread color0702 Papaya$2.90
  11634approximate thread color0704 Gold$2.90
  11396approximate thread color0706 Sunflower$2.90
  11620approximate thread color0713 Lemon$2.90
  11397approximate thread color0722 Khaki$2.90
  11525approximate thread color0747 Golden Brown$2.90
  11610approximate thread color0761 Oat$2.90
  11370approximate thread color0776 Sage$2.90
  11524approximate thread color0800 Golden Rod$2.90
  11644approximate thread color0811 Candlelight$2.90
  11464approximate thread color0822 Palomino$2.90
  11394approximate thread color0832 Sisal$2.90
  11611approximate thread color0842 Toffee$2.90
  11373approximate thread color0853 Pecan$2.90
  11482approximate thread color0870 Muslin$2.90
  11418approximate thread color0873 Stone$2.90
  11391approximate thread color0874 Gravel$2.90
  11549approximate thread color0922 Ashley Gold$2.90
  11457approximate thread color0932 Nutmeg$2.90
  11383approximate thread color0933 Redwood$2.90
  11380approximate thread color0934 Fawn$2.90
  11453approximate thread color0940 Autumn Leaf$2.90
  11393approximate thread color0941 Golden Grain$2.90
  11472approximate thread color0945 Pine Park$2.90
  11520approximate thread color0970 Linen$2.90
  11481approximate thread color1055 Bark$2.90
  11622approximate thread color1060 Shrimp Pink$2.90
  11671approximate thread color1061 Taupe$2.90
  11519approximate thread color1102 Pumpkin$2.90
  11375approximate thread color1106 Orange$2.90
  11636approximate thread color1114 Clay$2.90
  11641approximate thread color1120 Sunset$2.90
  11670approximate thread color1134 Light Cocoa$2.90
  11625approximate thread color1140 Meringue$2.90
  11400approximate thread color1141 Tan$2.90
  11673approximate thread color1172 Ivory$2.90
  11440approximate thread color1220 Apricot$2.90
  11612approximate thread color1300 Tangerine$2.90
  11661approximate thread color1304 Red Pepper$2.90
  11669approximate thread color1305 Fox Fire$2.90
  11409approximate thread color1306 Devil Red$2.90
  11547approximate thread color1334 Spice$2.90
  11422approximate thread color1335 Dark Rust$2.90
  11484approximate thread color1342 Rust$2.90
  11473approximate thread color1346 Cinnamon$2.90
  11534approximate thread color1351 Starfish$2.90
  11568approximate thread color1352 Salmon$2.90
  11643approximate thread color1355 Fox$2.90
  11455approximate thread color1362 Shrimp$2.90
  11572approximate thread color1366 Mahogany$2.90
  11687approximate thread color1375 Dark Charcoal$2.90
  11552approximate thread color1430 Melon$2.90
  11666approximate thread color1521 Flamingo$2.90
  11562approximate thread color1532 Coral$2.90
  11653approximate thread color1551 Pink Clay$2.90
  11441approximate thread color1565 Espresso$2.90
  11665approximate thread color1600 Spanish Tile$2.90
  11565approximate thread color1703 Poppy$2.90
  11414approximate thread color1725 Terra Cotta$2.90
  11454approximate thread color1755 Hyacinth$2.90
  11557approximate thread color1760 Twine$2.90
  11537approximate thread color1761 Tea Rose$2.90
  11560approximate thread color1805 Strawberry$2.90
  11528approximate thread color1840 Corsage$2.90
  11542approximate thread color1860 Shell$2.90
  11471approximate thread color1876 Chocolate$2.90
  11518approximate thread color1900 Geranium$2.90
  11544approximate thread color1902 Poinsettia$2.90
  11456approximate thread color1903 Lipstick$2.90
  11539approximate thread color1911 Foliage Rose$2.90
  11626approximate thread color1912 Winterberry$2.90
  11566approximate thread color1921 Blossom$2.90
  11421approximate thread color1940 Chrysanthemum$2.90
  11521approximate thread color1950 Tropical Pink$2.90
  11618approximate thread color1972 Silver Grey$2.90
  11561approximate thread color2051 Teaberry$2.90
  11479approximate thread color2113 Cranberry$2.90
  11627approximate thread color2123 Bordeaux$2.90
  11438approximate thread color2152 Heather Pink$2.90
  11474approximate thread color2155 Pink Tulip$2.90
  11533approximate thread color2160 Iced Pink$2.90
  11462approximate thread color2170 Chiffon$2.90
  11633approximate thread color2171 Blush$2.90
  11693approximate thread color2220 Tropicana$2.90
  11536approximate thread color2222 Burgundy$2.90
  11385approximate thread color2241 Mauve$2.90
  11652approximate thread color2250 Petal Pink$2.90
  11461approximate thread color2300 Bright Ruby$2.90
  11415approximate thread color2320 Raspberry$2.90
  11546approximate thread color2336 Maroon$2.90
  11639approximate thread color2363 Carnation$2.90
  11668approximate thread color2500 Boysenberry$2.90
  11435approximate thread color2504 Plum$2.90
  11530approximate thread color2506 Cerise$2.90
  11467approximate thread color2520 Garden Rose$2.90
  11645approximate thread color2521 Fuschia$2.90
  11623approximate thread color2550 Soft Pink$2.90
  11365approximate thread color2560 Azalea Pink$2.90
  11433approximate thread color2600 Dusty Grape$2.90
  11619approximate thread color2640 Frosted Plum$2.90
  11367approximate thread color2650 Imaptiens$2.90
  11646approximate thread color2655 Aura$2.90
  11466approximate thread color2674 Steel$2.90
  11691approximate thread color2711 Dark Currant$2.90
  11545approximate thread color2715 Pansy$2.90
  11647approximate thread color2764 Violet$2.90
  11431approximate thread color2810 Orchid$2.90
  11463approximate thread color2830 Wild Iris$2.90
  11458approximate thread color2900 Deep Purple$2.90
  11448approximate thread color2920 Purple$2.90
  11523approximate thread color3040 Lavender$2.90
  11624approximate thread color3062 Cinder$2.90
  11650approximate thread color3102 Provence$2.90
  11443approximate thread color3110 Dark Ink$2.90
  11667approximate thread color3210 Blueberry$2.90
  11404approximate thread color3211 Twilight$2.90
  11450approximate thread color3241 Amethyst Forest$2.90
  11442approximate thread color3323 Delft$2.90
  11688approximate thread color3331 Cadet Blue$2.90
  11392approximate thread color3333 Fire Blue$2.90
  11405approximate thread color3355 Dark Indigo$2.90
  11432approximate thread color3444 Concord$2.90
  11483approximate thread color3522 Blue$2.90
  11381approximate thread color3536 Heraldic$2.90
  11686approximate thread color3541 Venetian Blue$2.90
  11556approximate thread color3543 Royal Blue$2.90
  11366approximate thread color3544 Sapphire$2.90
  11406approximate thread color3600 Nordic Blue$2.90
  11430approximate thread color3622 Imeprial Blue$2.90
  11395approximate thread color3640 Lake Blue$2.90
  11401approximate thread color3641 Wedgewood$2.90
  11402approximate thread color3650 Ice Cap$2.90
  11469approximate thread color3732 Slate Blue$2.90
  11428approximate thread color3743 Harbor$2.90
  11616approximate thread color3750 Winter Frost$2.90
  11389approximate thread color3761 Winter Sky$2.90
  11550approximate thread color3770 Oyster$2.90
  11407approximate thread color3810 Laguna$2.90
  11399approximate thread color3820 Celestial$2.90
  11378approximate thread color3840 Oxford$2.90
  11386approximate thread color3842 Copenhagen$2.90
  11526approximate thread color3900 Cerulean$2.90
  11410approximate thread color3901 Tropical Blue$2.90
  11656approximate thread color3910 Crystal Blue$2.90
  11613approximate thread color3951 Azure Blue$2.90
  11374approximate thread color3953 Ocean Blue$2.90
  11390approximate thread color3962 River Mist$2.90
  11444approximate thread color3971 Silver$2.90
  11657approximate thread color4010 Caribbean Blue$2.90
  11551approximate thread color4032 Teal$2.90
  11417approximate thread color4033 Tartan Blue$2.90
  11660approximate thread color4071 Glacier Green$2.90
  11529approximate thread color4101 Wave Blue$2.90
  11638approximate thread color4103 California Blue$2.90
  11692approximate thread color4111 Turquoise$2.90
  11559approximate thread color4116 Dark Teal$2.90
  11480approximate thread color4174 Charcoal$2.90
  11662approximate thread color4220 Island Green$2.90
  11377approximate thread color4230 Aqua$2.90
  11411approximate thread color4240 Spearmint$2.90
  11371approximate thread color4250 Snomoon$2.90
  11384approximate thread color4423 Marine Aqua$2.90
  11449approximate thread color4442 Deep Sea Blue$2.90
  11614approximate thread color4515 Spruce$2.90
  11555approximate thread color4531 Caribbean$2.90
  11478approximate thread color4610 Deep Aqua$2.90
  11379approximate thread color4620 Jade$2.90
  11655approximate thread color4643 Amazon$2.90
  11408approximate thread color4644 Mallard$2.90
  11564approximate thread color5005 Rain Forest$2.90
  11690approximate thread color5050 Luster$2.90
  11387approximate thread color5100 Green$2.90
  11372approximate thread color5101 Dark Jade$2.90
  11615approximate thread color5115 Baccarat Green$2.90
  11535approximate thread color5210 Trellis Green$2.90
  11540approximate thread color5220 Silver Sage$2.90
  11637approximate thread color5230 Bottle Green$2.90
  11558approximate thread color5324 Bright Green$2.90
  11416approximate thread color5326 Evergreen$2.90
  11674approximate thread color5374 Forest Green$2.90
  11567approximate thread color5415 Irish Green$2.90
  11569approximate thread color5422 Swiss Ivy$2.90
  11369approximate thread color5500 Limedrop$2.90
  11672approximate thread color5510 Emerald$2.90
  11554approximate thread color5513 Ming$2.90
  11429approximate thread color5515 Kelly$2.90
  11640approximate thread color5531 Pear$2.90
  11664approximate thread color5552 Palm Leaf$2.90
  11427approximate thread color5555 Deep Green$2.90
  11548approximate thread color5610 Bright Mint$2.90
  11459approximate thread color5613 Light Kelly$2.90
  11398approximate thread color5633 Lime$2.90
  11541approximate thread color5643 Green Dust$2.90
  11452approximate thread color5650 Spring Frost$2.90
  11465approximate thread color5664 Willow$2.90
  11531approximate thread color5822 Kiwi$2.90
  11388approximate thread color5833 Limabean$2.90
  11446approximate thread color5866 Herb Green$2.90
  11437approximate thread color5912 Erin Green$2.90
  11538approximate thread color5934 Moss Green$2.90
  11376approximate thread color5940 Sour Apple$2.90
  11659approximate thread color5944 Backyard Green$2.90
  11451approximate thread color6051 Jalepeno$2.90
  11436approximate thread color6133 Caper$2.90
  11642approximate thread color6156 Olive$2.90

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