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Metrosene Polyester Sewing Thread
from Mettler
Article 9145 (formerly Article 1145)
500M/547 Yard Spool

Click here for a Mettler .PDF color chart!

Simply place the quantity you'd like to order in the box beside the item number. At the bottom of the table, click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button to move the selected quantities and colors to your shopping cart.

547 yard spool

             Our #Old Color#New Color# & NamePrice
  7208308140022 Wave Blue$5.60
  7188206470081 Chiffon$5.60
  7188106450097 Blush$5.60
  6883906010105 Fire Engine$5.60
  7188807710109 Boreaux$5.60
  7187605000120 Summersun$5.60
  7189408470224 Kelley$5.60
  7189308500240 Evergreen$5.60
  7186706980269 Amygdala$5.60
  7187905150285 Carmel Cream$5.60
  7189906840311 Blue Shadow$5.60
  7189205430314 Spruce$5.60
  7189107100348 More Gray$5.60
  2459806720350 Summer Sky$5.60
  7189708890408 Aqua$5.60
  7189006230415 Old Tin$5.60
  7187306180428 Chocolate$5.60
  7188405940450 Paprika$5.60
  7188606000503 Cardinal$5.60
  7188305990638 Red Planet$5.60
  7186407030778 Muslin$5.60
  7186505120779 Pine Nut$5.60
  7190205580821 Darkest Blue$5.60
  2459705700823 Night Blue$5.60
  2459602360878 Mousy Gray$5.60
  7188906240960 Limestone$5.60
  7187207120975 Apple Seed$5.60
  7186300011000 Eggshell$5.60
  7186608441222 Sandstone$5.60
  7189805561301 Nordic Blue$5.60
  7190006751304 Imperial Blue$5.60
  7187707811384 Lime Blossom$5.60
  7187405021412 Lemon Frost$5.60
  7186100022000 White$5.60
  7186200034000 Black$5.60

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