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Iris UltraBrite Polyester

Image -  Iris Thread

Iris Thread is beautiful 40wt extra-strong 100% polyester thread that comes on a 600 yd double-snap thread saver spool just right for the home sewer. Iris is smooth and easy running on all machines.

Thread Conversion Chart

Simply place the quantity you'd like to order in the box beside the item number. At the bottom of the table, click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button to move the selected quantities and colors to your shopping cart.

  25682Color 1002 Bedtime Pink$4.00
  27628Color 1007 Lt Wicker$4.00
  39857Color 1008 Pink Jubalee$4.00
  39779Color 1009 Pastel Salmon$4.00
  40503Color 1012 Bright Azalea$4.00
  27633Color 1020 Candy Apple Rd$4.00
  35302Color 1021 Burgandy$4.00
  27188Color 1023 Radiant Red$4.00
  38930Color 1025 Maroon$4.00
  39163Color 1028 Paris Blue$4.00
  39080Color 1032 Asian Blue$4.00
  39761Color 1038 Blue$4.00
  39780Color 1040 Sapphire$4.00
  25540Color 1042 Imperial Blue$4.00
  40504Color 1043 Gem Blue$4.00
  40088Color 1046 Blue Ribbon$4.00
  40331Color 1047 Navy$4.00
  35303Color 1051 Twister Blue$4.00
  38956Color 1054 Angelic Blue$4.00
  39164Color 1055 Peacock$4.00
  39533Color 1057 Lavender$4.00
  39781Color 1058 Tulip Petal$4.00
  39081Color 1065 Mild Purple$4.00
  25678Color 1066 Grape$4.00
  40332Color 1068 Purple Accent$4.00
  40635Color 1076 Emerald Green$4.00
  25541Color 1080 Cmas Green$4.00
  27364Color 1082 Peppermint$4.00
  39763Color 1087 Palmetto Green$4.00
  39853Color 1088 Grass Green$4.00
  40090Color 1090 Dk Pine Green$4.00
  27636Color 1094 Maize$4.00
  38926Color 1104 Daffodil$4.00
  38958Color 1106 Sun Flower$4.00
  39854Color 1112 Orange Peel$4.00
  40091Color 1117 Rust$4.00
  25548Color 1119 Orange$4.00
  40500Color 1122 Orangade$4.00
  27192Color 1130 Copper$4.00
  27626Color 1136 Autumn Green$4.00
  38959Color 1139 Exotic Gold$4.00
  27637Color 1140 Boston Beige$4.00
  39855Color 1144 Hazelnut$4.00
  40501Color 1145 Nestles$4.00
  25551Color 1152 Black$4.00
  39856Color 1157 Pearl Grey$4.00
  40502Color 1158 Sterling$4.00
  40639Color 1159 StainlessSteel$4.00
  25538Color 1160 White$4.00
  38927Color 1172 Taupe$4.00
  35301Color 1174 Bamboo$4.00
  39162Color 1176 Medium Flesh$4.00
  39534Color 1178 Mint$4.00
  35304Color 1180 Blue Moss$4.00
  40089Color 1186 Purple$4.00
  25539Color 1190 Red$4.00
  40636Color 1196 Dk Forest Teal$4.00
  39531Color 1202 Melon$4.00
  39762Color 1204 Tulip$4.00
  39079Color 1205 Mauve Pink$4.00
  39760Color 1209 Mello Melon$4.00
  27625Color 1214 Eggshell$4.00
  25542Color 1215 Camp Green$4.00
  25679Color 1216 Dk Teal Green$4.00
  39778Color 1218 Med Cool Grey$4.00
  27189Color 1229 Dk Teal$4.00
  40333Color 1239 Ivy$4.00
  25550Color 1243 Soft Pink$4.00
  38960Color 1247 Mauve$4.00
  39160Color 1248 Wheatina$4.00
  39764Color 1250 Orange Mist$4.00
  38928Color 1251 Charcoal$4.00
  39161Color 1253 Grey Horizon$4.00
  38929Color 1256 Tawny Port$4.00
  25680Color 1257 Bright Orange$4.00
  38957Color 1260 Soft Green$4.00
  39530Color 1261 Lettuce$4.00
  27191Color 1267 Ivory$4.00
  27190Color 1272 Aqua Marine$4.00
  27365Color 1276 Bamboo$4.00
  27635Color 1283 Special Blue$4.00
  27624Color 1284 Topaz$4.00
  39532Color 1287 Misty Blue$4.00
  27634Color 1294 Minty$4.00
  27367Color 1296 Coffee Teak$4.00
  27363Color 1297 Sandstone$4.00
  35300Color 1298 Brown$4.00
  40638Color 1305 Dk Hearshey$4.00
  25681Color 1306 Amber$4.00
  25549Color 1309 Hazelnut Roast$4.00
  39082Color 1319 Bright Green$4.00
  27366Color 1324 Gold Silk$4.00
  25552Color 1329 Baltic Blue$4.00
  40637Color 1331 Dk Rust$4.00
  39083Color 1332 Pollen$4.00
  40092Color 1352 Coffee Bean$4.00
  40330Color 1362 Wild Cherry$4.00
  27627Color 1376 Brown Crystal$4.00
  40329Color 1382 Sunset Grey$4.00
  39777Color 1390 Hi Taupe$4.00

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