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Rewards Program

How does Erica's Rewards Program work? 
You earn Reward Coupons by shopping at Erica's Craft & Sewing Center and online at www.ericas.com. For each $100 spent on regularly priced merchandise, you earn a Reward Coupon good for 10 reward dollars which you can use on a future purchase of regularly priced merchandise. When you shop in the store and earn a Reward Coupon, we'll give it to you at the end of your transaction. If you've ordered from our web site and earned a Reward Coupon, it will be sent along with your order unless the order is being shipped to someone else. In that case, we'll email the certificate number to you.

How do I use or redeem a Reward Coupon? 
If you're shopping in the store, simply present one or more Reward Coupons when you're ready to check out. If you're placing an order on our web site, simply mention the coupons in the Special Instructions box as you complete your order. You won't see your order total change, but we'll adjust it before charging your credit card. Reward Dollars can be spent on regularly priced merchandise. They cannot be used to buy Gift Cards and cannot be used to pay for taxes, labor, shipping & handling and other non-merchandise purchases.

What if I lose a Reward Certificate? 
Our software will keep track of your coupons. Just let us know you want to redeem a lost coupon.

Can I use part of a Reward Coupon? 
Reward Coupons are single use coupons.  If you spend less than the value of the coupon, the remainder is lost.

Do Reward Coupons expire? 
They expire six months from date of issue. The expiration date is noted on each coupon.

What happens if I return merchandise? 
The discounted price of the item(s) will be refunded.

Can I sell, trade, or share my Reward Coupons? 
Reward Certificates have no cash value, and are nontransferable. They can only be redeemed by the customer they were issued to.

Can I check my reward dollars balance online? 
We don't have a way for you to do that, but the a note at the bottom of each receipt shows how many dollars you need to spend on regularly priced merchandise to earn your next coupon.