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Applique & Technology I love applique, but don't like all the tracing and cutting. I can't give you a trick for eliminating the cutting, but if you have a printer and scanner or copier, you can eliminate the tracing.
Needle Case Get your life organized, (at least this little part of it), with a place for new and slightly used needles of all kinds!
Stitch Building Jazz up your applique with decorative stitches! After doing Jenny Haskins' Colour Purple Quilt, I used her technique with applique on a shirt.
Fabric Folders I carry a basket with a pretty basket liner I made, when I go from one machine to another. I decided it needed some dividers for some of the things I carry, so I made up these fabric folders. They can be made in any size, so maybe you'll have a use for them, too.
Straight Stitch Embroidered Wildflowers Straight Stitch embroidery is not only fun, but easy. If you haven't tried it, this is a great project, since flowers and leaves grow in all shapes and sizes. If you have done it before, you might enjoy a simple design and elaborate on it.
Jazz Up That T-Shirt I bought several T-shirts on a recent vacation, and I wanted to do something with them to make them different from all the others, so I'm passing on some ideas I had, and hope you'll share ideas with me!
Tucked Yoke Top This technique is so easy that you'll want to apply it to other projects. It's a top that people will compliment you on and never have an idea that you made it yourself. It's a way to have a quietly dressy top that can go with any outfit.
Broomstick Skirt
Broomstick Skirt from Hell (Story)
This is the perfect skirt for traveling! Called a "Broomstick Skirt" because, years ago, it was tied around a broom stick to dry in wrinkles, we now dry it in the dryer in the legs of old pantyhose. Carry them in the suitcase that way too, and you won't find a better garment for trips. The more wrinkled, the better!
Paper Piecing
With Dimension
I enjoy paper piecing, and you probably know by now that I also enjoy cats. I hadn't seen a pattern I really liked that combined these 2 of my loves, so I did my own. And I gave these patterns a special twist. The kitties have three dimensional tails, since cats talk with their tails!!
Peek-A-Boo Applique With the popularity of printed fabric panels, here's a fun and easy way to add them to your wardrobe.
Sewing Circles Make professional looking badges, ornaments, gift tags, with the lettering on your sewing machine!
Mug Tote Make a Mug Tote! In the world's efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle, we offer this tote! Take it along to meetings where hot beverages are served and save the Styrofoam cup!
Silk Flower Embroidery Spruce up for spring by using a combination of silk flowers, decorative stitches, and bone rings.  This project teaches you a technique with rings normally used for knitting
Embellished Applique Here's an easy trick to add to a satin stitch to dress up your applique!
What Can I Do with a Man's Shirt?! Making traditional men's shirts, to me, is time consuming, and no fun. Yet sometimes that special man needs a special garment. So I found a way to make it fun, and make it for HIM. (These techniques work for women's clothes if your man is more conservative than mine...)
Blanket Stitch Applique If you like the look of blanket stitch applique, but the "H" word sends tremors through you, you may be able to do it on your sewing machine.
Medallion Yoke Shirt Here's a great way to show off a small applique, or embroidery! Use a ready to wear shirt or sew your own, with a mock yoke made from ribbon or trims, and your special piece showcased in the middle.
Container Cover Whether you have empty kitty litter buckets or empty pickle barrels, here's a quick and easy way to dress them up and help them fit into your decor!
Floating Fabric Tucks Here is a technique that can add a delightful texture to your fabric. Do the sewing first, then cut out your pattern piece from the finished stitching, and you'll be amazed what it adds to your craft project or garment!
Easy Trapunto If you don't have a lot of time to do Trapunto the traditional way, by hand, take a look at this quick Trapunto technique. You'll have all kinds of ideas for ways to use it!

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