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Your online safety is important to Erica's Craft & Sewing Center.

We always use secure web pages when asking you for your credit card information. Your web browser and our Secure Server encrypt the information you submit to insure that your transaction with us remains private.

Privacy Details

This section describes for you what Erica's does with information you provide us.

  • You should know that Erica's never has, and never will sell or trade any name/address or Email address information to any third party.
  • If you add an item/items to a shopping cart, our web server will send your web browser a "cookie" named "SessionID". You need to accept the "SessionID" cookie so we can keep track of the items you're adding to your order. This cookie never contains name, address, or Email data.
  • If you create an account and check the box to remember your login information, our web server will send your web browser a "cookie" containing your login information. You need to accept the cookie or you won't be automatically logged in on your next visit.
  • www.ericas.com cookies can only be exchanged with the www.ericas.com server.
  • Our site contains links to other sites. Erica's is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those Web sites.
    • Please check Privacy Statements on any linked or partner web sites. If you are making a purchase from a linked or partner site, it is likely that we will receive some information about your purchase. This information may include Name, Address, and Email Address, but would never include any payment details other than dollar amounts. (Credit card details will never be exchanged.)
  • Our site uses a form to allow you to sign up for one or more of our Email Announcement lists. All we collect is Customer Number, Name, Email address and Preferences, or without a Customer Number, we also ask for your mailing address and phone number. We use information from this form to send you Email newsletters or other information about products or information you've selected by indicating your preference(s). We keep your Email address in a database, and include you in each mailing to the list(s) to which you're subscribed. Removal instructions are included in every message.
  • Our site uses an order form. We collect Name/Address, Phone, Email and Payment information to be used in the processing and delivery of your order and for mailing our paper newsletter (local addresses only) and Email Announcements (Worldwide). For your protection, your credit card information will never be stored for use on subsequent orders, making it necessary for you to enter credit card information for each order you place.
  • While we offer you the option of saving multiple Bill To: and Ship To: names/addresses on our secure server to be used when you place subsequent orders, you are not required to do so.
  • Other online forms ask for information like Customer Number, Email address and preferences. We use information from these forms to send you Email newsletters or other information about products or information you've selected by indicating your preference(s).
  • In all cases, you may choose not to receive future mailings; see the Correction/Removal section below.


Erica's gives you the following options for removing or correcting information previously provided, or for contacting someone of authority with regard to this privacy statement or our practices:
  • You can send Email to Erica's, but should NEVER include any credit card information.
  • You can send regular mail to the following postal address:
    www.ericas.com Administration
    Erica's Craft & Sewing Center
    1320 N Ironwood Dr
    South Bend IN 46615