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Blue & Green Fabrics
Bargain End of Bolts
Save 40% on these fabrics

These are the same top quality fabrics, from leading companies, offered at 40% off, every day. The price you see is the sale price! These bolts usually have 4.5 yards or less remaining on the bolts, continuous cut not guaranteed. Order 5 yards if you want all there is of a Bargain End of Bolt fabric.

To purchase cut to order: Simply replace the zero with the number of whole yards you want and/or choose a fractional quantity from the drop down list next to any fabric (1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 5/8, 2/3, 3/4, & 7/8) then click the button to add that fabric to your order. (1 yard minimum for each sale fabric)

NOTE: Quantities are limited to 4.5 yards or less on End of Bolt Bargains. If you want to be sure to get all we have left of a fabric, please order 5 yards.

If one or more of the fabrics you order is already sold out, we'll send the balance of your order. If we have less than what you ordered, we'll send what we have left (but never less than 1/2 yard). Of course, you only pay for what you're actually getting. If you choose to pay by check, your fabrics will not be cut until the check is received. We suggest choosing to pay by credit card (or debit card), so your choices aren't sold out before your check arrives.

Image - Fabric Sample
909434 $11.30
Sale Price: $6.78
You save: $4.52 (40%)

Green Flower Vine
from Island Batik
Image - Fabric Sample
910228 $11.20
Sale Price: $6.72
You save: $4.48 (40%)

Bali Tie-Dye
Sea Spray Leaf
from Benartex
Image - Fabric Sample
912507 $10.99
Sale Price: $6.59
You save: $4.40 (40%)

Blue Blue Planet
Image - Fabric Sample
912914 $11.90
Sale Price: $7.14
You save: $4.76 (40%)

Batik Sorrento 3
Rain Diamond
Image - Fabric Sample
910311 $10.60
Sale Price: $6.36
You save: $4.24 (40%)

Civil War Times
Teal Seeds
Image - Fabric Sample
911226 $11.49
Sale Price: $6.89
You save: $4.60 (40%)

Batik Sticks Stones
Olive Lotus
Image - Fabric Sample
911234 $11.00
Sale Price: $6.60
You save: $4.40 (40%)

Green Med Floral Cluster
Image - Fabric Sample
912066 $10.99
Sale Price: $6.59
You save: $4.40 (40%)

Snowman Gatherings II
Navy Snow Cross
Image - Fabric Sample
911038 $10.90
Sale Price: $6.54
You save: $4.36 (40%)

Pieces Of Hope 2
Blue Train
Image - Fabric Sample
909595 $10.90
Sale Price: $6.54
You save: $4.36 (40%)

Hope Chest
Blue Squares
Image - Fabric Sample
910171 $10.10
Sale Price: $6.06
You save: $4.04 (40%)

Penny and Friends
Aloe Diamond
Image - Fabric Sample
910048 $10.99
Sale Price: $6.59
You save: $4.40 (40%)

Best Day Ever
Stream Circle
Image - Fabric Sample
908194 $10.99
Sale Price: $6.59
You save: $4.40 (40%)

30's Playtime 14
Green Sprinkles
Image - Fabric Sample 909871 $10.99
Sale Price: $6.59
You save: $4.40 (40%)

Because Of The Brave
Green Dog Tags

Image - Fabric Sample
911275 $10.70
Sale Price: $6.42
You save: $4.28 (40%)

Spring Showers
Green/Yellow Stripe Berry
Image - Fabric Sample
910039 $10.99
Sale Price: $6.59
You save: $4.40 (40%)

Best Day Ever
Leaf Flower
Image - Fabric Sample
911065 $10.99
Sale Price: $6.59
You save: $4.40 (40%)

Duck Egg Lacy Daisy
Image - Fabric Sample
905774 $10.45
Sale Price: $6.27
You save: $4.18 (40%)

Good Night Good Morning
Blue Buttons

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