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Hi! I'm Erica.
Welcome to Erica's, and thanks for stopping by. Please come in and discover, as thousands have, that Erica's is one of a kind!

For more than 44 years Erica's has been presenting opportunities for fun and excitement, creativity and imagination, inspiration and growth to Michiana (north central Indiana and southern lower Michigan).

If you like needlework, or crafts, or quilting, or sewing, or "all of it" like we do, you'll love Erica's!

Erica's is a family enterprise, with Erica, Dick, Cathy, Bill, and our staff of more than 20, (also "family!"), all working to bring you the best in selection, made up samples, quality, service, classes, and special events.

Please come back to visit often - We have a lot In-Store for You!